Barbour Co. Meth Bust

A meth lab capable of producing at least an ounce of methamphetine a day has been taken out of service, thanks to many local agencies.

The Barbour County Sheriff's office along with the Abbeville Police, Eufaula Police and the Barbour County District Attorney’s office have seized a meth lab that had at least $25,000 worth of already-made meth inside.

Police arrested 24 year old Bryant Anthony Kreis of Barbour county.

Police say he has been recently released from prison on drug charges.

“The sheriff here has made a pledge to fight drugs 100 percent and that's what we're going to do. We've got a bunch of dedicated men and women here at the sheriff's office and we're going to take the war to the drug dealers here on the streets,” says Chief Deputy Eddie Ingram of Barbour County Sheriff's Office.

This bust is the 79th drug related arrest the Barbour County Sheriff's office has made since mid-January.

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