Troy University Gives to Enterprise

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For most college students, it's time to get ready for spring break, take mid-terms and concentrate on school.

However, some Troy University students are opening up their schedule and their wallets to help Enterprise recover.

Phi Mu Sorority girls are usually participating in Greek Week games and activities, but this year fun is not what it's all about.

“Enterprise is so close to Troy and we have fellow Greeks that are from Enterprise, we just want to help out in anyway possible," says Tara Rodgers of Phi Mu.

The Student Government Association is teaming up with the Baptist Campus Ministries to reach out to students that aren't affiliated with an organization and let those students donate to the cause.

Within two days, the groups have raised more than $160 dollars, plus many cases of water, food, and hygiene items.

"We think it’s very important that our students become very involved in the community, especially, because someday they may be in that position where they have a family and a job and they are going to need that support. If something happens to them, something unexpected, like this disaster," says Andrea Roberts, SGA President.

"We’re here to serve God and do what He wants us to do; what we can to help out neighbors who are in need. So, we’re just trying to share his love. There’s not really a choice of when you’re going to do something, if you’re going to do something. It’s just what are you going to do," says Melodye Redding, Coordinator for BCM and SGA’s drive.

In all, there are about 20 campus organizations doing something to help victims in Enterprise and not all are doing your typical donation drive.

"We’re having our formal this weekend, on Saturday. A lot of girls have dresses here at Troy, so they can just bring them and donate them and we can give those to the girls in Enterprise so they don’t have to spend their money on dresses," says Amy Scaro, President of Chi Omega Sorority.

Many students are now planning a trip down to the Enterprise area to volunteer part of their weekend to help the clean-up efforts.

There have been many donations and volunteers that have come from the university.

Some students from the nursing department volunteered their time in the hospitals,

Starting Wednesday going through Saturday there will be five athletic events that are also raising money to send to Enterprise.

The university's Pan-Hellenic Organization held a blood drive Tuesday that raised 157 units of blood for the American Red Cross.

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