Tornado Health Hazards

Since Thursday’s tornado, Enterprise residents have been slowly picking up the pieces.

As they do, one mother says she's noticed her teen daughter has picked up a few health problems and it may not be caused by falling debris.

Lucy and Jennifer Rayne are salvaging what's left of their destroyed home on Heath Road in Enterprise.

They are packing what they can, but everything else like mattresses, food, and a majority of their clothes are soiled.

And, as Jennifer drinks from a water bottle, she says she's not feeling too well. "I've had bad headaches, neck aches, coughing, really, really bad chest pains, noise bleeds every time I blow my nose," the high school senior said.

Lucy says after the tornado, Jennifer was visibly shaken up, but says her daughter's current health issues could come from more than just stress and fallen debris.

Lucy says Jennifer is typically healthy and hasn't had more than a cold

She believes Jennifer’s health has more to do with what happened in Jennifer’s science class where chemicals were being used when the tornado hit.

"She came to me yesterday and was telling me about chemical spills and I'm getting really concerned,” Lucy said. “If she doesn't get better in two days, I'm going to take her back to the doctor or to the hospital."

So, Lucy is asking for other parent's help, to find out if their children are sick with similar symptoms as well.

Meanwhile, Jennifer says she wants to get back in the classroom, where she belongs. "I hope I graduate as soon as we're supposed to and everybody else,” she says. “I hope I can get back to school as soon as possible and get everything finished up.”

After graduation, Jennifer hopes to attend a two year college to become a dental hygienist.

Both mother and daughter are staying with friends until they can sort things out and get back on their feet again.

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