Enterprise Debris Found as Far as Ozark

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While cleaning up debris from last week's storm, some Ozark residents found items that didn't belong to them or anyone around them.

In fact, it traveled all the way from Enterprise.

Dean and Betty Edmonds live about 20 miles from the city of Enterprise, just north of Ozark.

However, while picking up debris in their fields, they noticed a lot of it traveled quite a distance.

"You can see it scattered all over the yard: pictures, papers, insulation and roofing," says Dean Edmond.

“He asked me to come to the door and look at what was falling out of the sky. I said, ‘boy, I’m getting back into the house’,” says Betty Edmonds.

Residents here say they could see the debris falling from the sky just after the storm passed, scattering items over at least 42 acres.

"We thought then how bad it was, to us, because of what was falling out of the sky," says Betty.

“We thought it had to be big to come that far and hold it in the air like it did,” says Dean.

So far, the Edmond’s have picked up two bags of paper, some of which contain personal information.

They said they haven't thrown it away yet, hoping someone will claim some of the items, especially the pictures that someone may hold dear.

However, if the papers aren't claimed shortly, they are going to shred them.

They also are planning to frame the Enterprise Wild Cats Spirit sign and give it to the school.

If you noticed any of your belongings in the video, like the pictures or personal documents, contact the Edmond’s at (334) 762-2272.

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