Cleaning School Parking Lot Continues

Hundreds of cars were removed from Enterprise High School all day Monday and Tuesday. Most of the vehicles are totaled.

Tow truck drivers spent the day removing demolished vehicles from the blue lot near the football field.

Insurance companies marked them, and then crews hauled them to salvage lots based on insurance carriers.

Ricky Cobb, with Insured Auto Auction, said, "This is the worst damage I’ve seen; it's kind of reminding me of Katrina."

Danita Yates is riding a golf cart around looking for her daughter's Nissan. The Nissan was parked on an outside space in the blue lot. She says, “I think it's probably in a house.”

Most of the vehicles suffered major damage like broken windshields, bent frames, and flat tires.

School students just got their belongings out of their cars, and then they were hauled away.

Randy Renfroe, a tow truck operator, says, “A lot of people were lucky.”

Many of the parents and students didn't dwell on the damage to their vehicle. They were just thankful they were alive.

Students will not be able to access their vehicle without a parent, guardian or suitable adult present.

You must provide proof of ownership of your vehicle as well.

Also, no one will be allowed to remove their vehicle from school grounds after dark.

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