Enterprise Residents Now Face First Step to Recovery

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Four days after a tornado ripped through Enterprise, students, faculty, and residents continue to cope with the tragedy.

"They are going to be dealing with different levels of grief and shock. For some, they just lost material possessions and even at that, some of them didn't loose that much and they are dealing with it on one level. Then you have folks who lost everything they had; all of their belongings, they are dealing on a different level. Then you have those who lost family members and friends," said Executive Pastor Dwayne Sims, of Hillcrest Baptist Church in Enterprise.

Earlier Monday afternoon, students, faculty and staff gathered in the church, for prayer and to express pains; pains which were caused by lost lives and broken homes.

Church groups and civic organizations are volunteering their time to provide a support system to help the community deal with the grief.

"We are in the shelters and we are wherever they need to be. We actually ride the roads with our emergency response vehicle and find a pocket where people need the help. We're there to listen," says Wiregrass Red Cross Director Susan Holmes.

You can't put a limit on the time it takes to heal. "Each person is going to be different. It's hard to say that a blanket group of people is going to be able to just get over something in three days, three months, or even three years," continues Pastor Sims.

However, regardless of how different, grief counselors say it'll be a consistent community effort to help residents and students rebuild their lives again. "They can't go through something like this alone," Pastor Sims adds.

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