Ft. Rucker Soldiers Lending a Hand

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Fort Rucker Commanding General Virgil Packett III is proud of his soldiers' immediate response to Thursday's deadly tornado in Enterprise.

Fort Rucker soldiers were one of the first responders on the scene after the deadly tornado hit Enterprise High School.

Medivac Helicopters transported injured students to local hospitals.

“They've helped us in the community, now it's time to help them,” Packett said.

In addition to medical units, soldiers also helped with heavy equipment, military police helped with traffic, and distributed bottled water.

Fort Rucker didn't waste any time getting soldiers on the ground after the tornado.

Five of the eight teenagers had Fort Rucker ties.

General Packett is attending the funerals and offering his condolences to the family. “I give lots of hugs,” he said.

Some hugs and help from the soldiers will get this community and school back the way it was before it was destroyed.

General Packett says his soldiers will help as long as the community needs their help.

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