Dale County Not Eligible for Public Assistance

Dale County officials estimate at least $3 million dollars in damage to the Echo community from last week's tornado.

Officials say there are between 20 to 35 homes and between 16 to 18 chicken houses heavily damaged or destroyed.

Monday, the state requested federal assistance with debris removal and emergency protective services for Coffee, Wilcox and Henry County.

Dale County did not have enough damage to qualify for that public assistance; they are still hoping for individual assistance.

EMA Assistant Director Pam Brammer says, “There's nothing people can do as far as contacting FEMA because we haven't been declared a federal disaster area and because we have not been declared a federal disaster area, no one can call and get any information.”

A relief fund has been set up to help with Echo's recovery efforts through the fire department.

You can go to any Wachovia branch to donate under the Echo Volunteer Fire Department Disaster Relief Fund.

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