Federal Assistance for Henry County

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Henry County may soon get a little help cleaning up if state leaders have their way.

Governor Bob Riley is asking for federal assistance for Henry County. If approved, that assistance will help provide aid for damaged public buildings, debris removal and protective services.

Henry County still has far to go before getting back to normal.

Even though a lot of clean-up has been done in the Otho community, many homes in Bethlehem still show the signs of the destructive March 1st tornado.

"With a county this size it eats the budget. Any time you have a disaster, it just eats your budget up," says Henry County EMA Director Paul Brown.

Henry County Emergency Management leaders hope to get some individual assistance from FEMA.

Right now, a lot of the homes that are now scattered across the streets have little to no insurance and without help from the federal government, they may not be able to recover.

"Just keep good records of whatever your expenses are, whatever you’ve had to pay out of your pocket. I can’t tell you what FEMA will pick up, if it will pick up any, but that just lets you know that you can try. Whatever FEMA will pick up for you, at least you will have a record of it. You have to show proof it was spent for this storm," says Brown.

Over the weekend, Emergency Management leaders and the Small Business Association counted 25 homes that were a total loss in the Bethlehem community.

The EMA counted another 14 in the Otho community in northeastern Henry County that were totally destroyed; 27 more had major damage.

Emergency Management leaders spent Monday afternoon surveying the land with state officials to see if more assistance is needed in the area.

Emergency Management officials estimate the county has $6 to $8 million dollars in damages.

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