Enterprise Cleanup Continues

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It still looks like what everyone's describing as a "war zone."

Crews have been working all over the city to get things cleared, but with such a widespread disaster, it's going to take a few weeks of steady work.

Grayson Martin had brain surgery a little over a week ago. While he can't do a lot of work, he is still giving up part of his weekend to help Enterprise residents clean up.

"My mom didn't really want me coming out here. She was afraid I'd get poked in the head, but I feel obligated to come out here and help out the best I can. You'd never wish this upon anybody, so you really feel at times like this you really need to step in and help out no matter what," said Martin.

Martin came with a group of about 60 people from Dothan High School, which on the athletic fields are rivals with Enterprise.

"Rivalry only goes so far, and we just want to show we care about them and give them our support," said Reagan Rankin, a Dothan High School student volunteer.

Residents here in this community say it's amazing how much effort has gone into cleaning up. Everyone from utility crews to volunteers has been constantly working since ten minutes after the storm.

Chris Mahan was away from his house at the time of the storm. He said thanks to the help from volunteers, he was able to find some of his irreplaceable items.

"We had total strangers come off the street. Yesterday, there must have been 20 people out here. We've cleared a lot of this ourself and salvaged what we could salvage. You only see it on television and you don't imagine it being as bad as it is," said Chris Mahan, a tornado victim.

"There has been non-stop utility help, emergency help. They were here. God bless them, they were here. More than I've ever seen anybody," said Al Valle, a tornado victim.

Al Valle says he hopes to see the amount of volunteers remain strong in his community, because for some living there it's the only way they can get the needed work done.

The tornado made a path of destruction eight miles long and a quarter mile wide through the center of Enterprise. Officials say there are hundreds of people helping to clean up the area. That's not including any city employees.