Federal Official says Wrecks Numerous at Site of College Baseball Team's Atlanta Bus Crash

(AP Photo/Gene Blythe)
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ATLANTA (AP) - Federal transportation officials say the highway
exit ramp where a bus carrying an Ohio college baseball team
wrecked has been the site of numerous crashes and can be difficult
for drivers to navigate.

The National Transportation Safety Board's Kitty Higgins says there have been several crashes at the left-hand exit from a carpool lane where the bus veered away from.

She says there were NO visible signs telling drivers to slow down for the ramp, which ends at a T-intersection on the overpass.

The Friday morning accident killed six people and left eight still hospitalized.

Higgins also says investigators are trying to determine why the driver took the exit ramp at full speed.

The bus slammed against a concrete barrier at the top of the ramp and plummeted off the overpass onto the interstate below.

There are tire marks at the scene, but it is unclear when the driver realized his mistake and tried to correct it, Higgins said.

The team from Bluffton University was jolted awake when the bus crashed, landing on its side. The wreck spewed gas onto Atlanta's Interstate 75 and scattered baseball equipment across the roadway.

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