Family Reactions

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President Bush took the time to speak with some of the family members of the students who died during the storm.

If you remember we first reported that 16-year-old Michael Bowen was missing Thursday night. News 4 showed you video of his father pleading for answers from the community. That evening he was found beneath the rubble of enterprise high school, dead.

Strunk said, "I saw the tornado touch down and I knew immediately that she was gone."

Kathy is the mother of 16-year-old Kathryn Strunk, who died in Thursday's tornado. Emergency officials found Kathryn under pounds of debris, covered by the arms of fellow student Michael Bowen.

Williams said, "He was first found covering Katy and he's my hero."

Kathryn's parents find comfort knowing that their child died in the arms of someone who cared for her.

Lebond Stewart said, "He was found helping her and it’s a comfort knowing she wasn't alone and was with someone who cared for her."

Michael's parents were searching for him for more than eight hours before their worst fears were confirmed.

"It was awful not knowing, and when I found out I collapsed."

Michael's parent's say they will get through this tragedy with a lot of prayer, something Michael relied heavily on in everyday life.

Angela Stewart said, "I think Michael would tell us it was his time and God is a lucky God to have him."

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