Red Cross Assisting Tornado Victims

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) - The Red Cross is not just providing food, shelter and financial assistance to the victims of the tornado in Enterprise, they are also offering people mental help.

Ginger Mayer, a disaster mental health counselor with the Red Cross says they are trying to locate people having a tough time dealing with the disaster that happened in Enterprise, where President Bush toured the destruction Sarurday.

Mayer says they initially went to the disaster zone and looked for those that looked like they were disoriented and not coping well with the events. They offered them a counseling to help deal with their feelings.

She says they are there for the long haul to provide whatever counseling services they can.

They are contacting all the authorities in the area to make sure that if they spot someone having a tough time coping with the overwhelming obstacles presented by the storm's after math, to send them to the counselors for help.

Mayer says it could be days or even weeks before mental stress presents itself in the storm victims.

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