Baptist Hill Neighborhood in Enterprise Picks up Pieces

Photo by Baptist Hill Neighborhood

ENTERPRISE, Ala. (AP) - Residents of a tornado-damaged Enterprise neighborhood near the high school where eight deaths are assessing storm losses.

Baptist Hill, on the western side of downtown, is one of the oldest mostly black communities in Coffee County. Residents there are still shaking their heads over the damage from Thursday's deadly twister.

"It happened like that," says Jeffrey Rogers, snapping his fingers, adding: "When it happened, it happened fast. Windows blew out and debris just started flying."

Rogers commented yesterday as utility crews began repairs and volunteers passed through the area with water and food.

The two-story house Rogers shared with his grandmother on West Watts Street had become a one-story.

Next door, a house had been flattened by the tornado, injuring its elderly occupant.

Helen Townsend attempts to recover what she can from her debris-littered home. Townsend says she survived the storm after being thrown into her closet when the tornado touched down.

A dresser blown across the door of the closet basically kept the 66-year-old safe.

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