Race Against Time: Injured and Deaths

After the tornado ripped through Enterprise High School, teachers and emergency personnel raced against time to free students trapped underneath rubble.

It was a painstaking effort for those working as well as students that survived the ordeal.

Cindy Lee is a registered nurse and was one of the volunteers assigned to help identify the students missing after the walls of Enterprise High School caved in.

By the end of the recovery efforts, eight dead bodies had been discovered.

"They were all in Hall 3 and there was a tremendous amount of wall and concrete on top of them," Lee said.

Jeremy Martini is a 16-year-old junior at Enterprise High School. He was one of the students trapped under the debris and remembers the tragic moments when the wall came crashing down on top of him.

"First the lights went out and you heard the windows shattering, you could feel the wind just rushing through the hall and at that time you could feel debris and glass hit,” Martini said. “The wind starting to lift you up and we just all grabbed on to each other and then all of a sudden the wall just fell down on top of me."

Jeremy says he was pinned underneath the rubble with his head between his legs. After 10 torturous minutes, he says the assistant principal and some coaches were finally able to lift the center block off of him.

Unfortunately, Jeremy’s friends were still trapped. "There were three of us under the section of the wall and my best friend was next to me and he didn't make it out," Martini said.

Jeremy is badly bruised; he has three fractures in his back, and possible nerve damage in his right foot.

But despite the tragedy, Jeremy says that right now, he is going to focus on healing and getting life back to normal.

Jeremy says he appreciates everyone in the Wiregrass coming together to help the people of Enterprise.