"I Can't Believe We Survived"

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"I can't believe we survived"; that's what members of an Enterprise family are saying after crouching down in their hallway while the roof of their home was being ripped off.

“They were with me, I could feel it pulling me,” says Mrs. Black. She explains what it was like huddled in the hallway of her house with her grandchildren and her sister during Thursday’s tornado.

She was watching the weather warning on TV when she heard the howling twister. “We were in the hallway and these walls saved our lives,” she said.

Friday, she walked through the roofless structure she used to call home, which sits across from the demolished high school.

She stands in what used to be her kitchen where her shelves are now on top of her kitchen table.

Outside, her husband is amazed how the tornado destroyed his front yard and vehicle, but left his boat untouched.

Randy Black was at work at Fort Rucker during the tornado and quickly came home. “When I got here, my wife was holding my grandkids hysterical and holding the wet dogs.”

But they're alive, even with all this damage, they consider themselves lucky.

Mrs. Black told News 4 she had lived in her home across from Enterprise High School her entire life.