Henry County Day After Storm

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One county caught the impact of the storm as it headed toward Georgia.

Fortunately, no major injuries came out of Henry County, but many families have extensive damage to their home.

Henry County officials estimate at least 75-85 homes were severely damaged or destroyed in Henry County.

In the Bethlehem community at least 50 homes saw the wrath of the storm and another 25 in Otho community.

"I told them to get on the floor and by the time they got on the floor and I got on them we just started turning," says Leksia Glanton, Bethlehem tornado victim.

Their home was completely destroyed by the storm. The family was inside at the time, crouched between the washer and drier, while the tornado ripped off the wall in their living room and bedroom.

The night of the storm, county leaders set a curfew for most of the county to help clean up efforts.

The day after, many of the roads were back open and power crews to work.

"Since it did happen in the middle of the day like that, a lot of people were at work and not in their mobile homes and the mobile homes really took a hit. A lot of them you can't even recognize," says Barbour County Sheriff, Will Maddox.

Many people in the community are now calling themselves lucky, seeing how much damage came to the area.

Now, the shock of the storm is over, many residents are now focusing on getting things back to normal.

The amount of money it's going to cost to get things back to normal hasn't been assessed yet.

Emergency Management officials are still working the area to get federal assistance to the county as soon as possible.