Dale County Recovery Effort

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In Dale County, one small community is trying to recover.

More than 20 homes there were destroyed during the powerful storm.

Stacey Phillips and her family say they are lucky to be alive.

Their home used to stand tall before the storm came, and now, it’s left in shambles.

"What went though my mind was that we were going to die. I had the baby in my arms and the oldest one right beside me and you could just feel everything just collapse," says Phillips.

Phillips was in her home with her husband and two kids as the storm came.

Her father, Charles Hughes, said he saw it coming, but it was too late to do anything. "I was just stunned for a few minutes and then I looked and could see their house just going across the road and I was scared,” he says. “Then, I heard them screaming. That was the best scream I've ever heard in my life. It's only by the grace of God they are alive."

The day after the storm, Echo is now trying to rebuild what's been lost.

Officials say there are about 20 to 35 homes and between 16 to 18 chicken houses heavily damaged or destroyed.

"The first thing we had as a priority this morning was to help the elderly people in the community that didn't have any help," says Eric Blankenship, Assistant Chief of the Echo Volunteer Fire Department.

Dale County Emergency Management leaders estimate the damage to this community to be at least $3 million dollars.

The Echo Volunteer Fire Department is asking for donations of money, clothing, toys and food to be taken to the Echo Community Building located at the corner of County Roads 36 and 83.

You can call the fire department at 795-6700 for more information.