Old Carver Property

Carver High School

Dothan city commissioners have voted to allow the Wiregrass Habitat for Humanity to build its first subvision on the old Carver high school site.

In less than a year, Habitat officials hope to begin building 16-homes on the land where the city's last segregated school once stood.

There has been a lot of discussion and debate over the past several months on what would be located on the land.

Dothan city leaders voted 6-to-1 to allow Wiregrass Habitat for Humanity to build a subdivision on the Lake Street property, despite a majority of public opposition in the District 2 areas.

While most city leaders say the subdivision will benefit several low-income families in the area by offering affordable housing, Commissioner Amos Newsome said that residents in his district do not want habitat homes located there and questioned the city's vision for the area, especially the need for a community center.

But, Dothan’s mayor and Habitat's director say residents shouldn't feel the decision is one against their concerns over Carver's legacy.

The next step for the city is to rezone the property over to the Dothan housing authority. The housing authority will then donate the land to Habitat for Humanity