Dothan Meth Bust

Home drug labs used in making crystal meth are a problem for police officers, but now there's a new problem communities may have to face -- people dumping leftover chemicals.

Police said the chemicals could contaminate ground water.

That's the concern with a major drug manufacturing lab in a mobile home on the North side of Dothan. James Hall and Christie Griffin are both charged with manufacturing methamphetamine.

Dothan narcotics officers raided the mobile home on 1-Lane Farm Road off Oakland Drive around 11 p.m. Wednesday after a three-week investigation.

They seized $1,500 in cash, three handguns and about 20 grams of meth with a street value of almost $3,000. They also found a large amount of residue that's left over after making the drugs. It was dumped on the ground outside the trailer and in a nearby drainage ditch.

Dothan police said they're doing what they can to make sure the area is cleaned up.

Hall's bond was set at $300,000; Griffin is at a quarter of a million dollars. The couple was also arrested on fugitive warrants from Georgia. More arrests are expected.