Smith Investigation

The city of Dothan’s police chief is in the spotlight again and this time Chief John White is declining to comment.

The latest controversy involves the chief's alleged copying of the mayor and city commissioner's pagers.

The chief has denied the allegations in published reports, but wouldn't comment about the accusations on camera.

The accusations are in a 25-page document that some say was written by former Dothan Police Captain Jim smith.

The document offers a rebuttal to the charges made by Chief John White linking Smith to writing unsigned letters criticizing the police chief and his administration.

One page of the document mentions an incident where Chief White supposedly knew who Smith paged on December 5th of last year while the captain was under investigation.

The document also alleges that White has routinely "cloned” or copied various city officials' pagers in order to monitor the mayor and city commissioners' communications.

Currently, the Dothan Personnel Board is investigating the police department and Chief White over the resignation of Captain Smith from the force.

White told News 4 that as a result of this investigation he feels it would be inappropriate to discuss the pager issue.

When also asked Jim Smith whether he had written such a document, he declined to comment.

These latest allegations against Chief White have apparently caused concern among city commissioners.

Dothan Mayor Chester Sowell declined to discuss specifics when News 4 talked with him. But, he did say commission members could ask that the current personnel board's investigation of White be expanded.

There's no mention of any investigation of Chief White on today's Dothan city commission agenda.