Old Carver High School Site

Carver High School

Dothan city commissioners are expected to decide this week whether the city's first habitat subdivision will be built on the land where Carver High School once stood.

Carver High School was the last black segregated school left standing in the city until it was torn down last year. But, the move to put 16 houses on the historic piece of property hasn't come without controversy.

While city and habitat officials debated the benefits and risks of building the faith based organization's first subdivision on Lake Street, residents living in the two-district area have made up their minds -- they don't want houses put on the Carver High site.

For 1962 Carver High graduate Beauford Wilson, Jr. there is a lot of history on the vacant Lake Street site and he feels there needs to be a proper remembrance of that.

Warren Reynolds who grew up and still resides on nearby Tuskegee Street says he wishes the city would consider some other options before rushing to make a vote.

And, for public housing tenant Frederick Duncan, he a feels there is need for a recreational facility where children can play. Something that barber shop owner Brian Barrett says a recreational center is needed more than affordable housing.

The Dothan City Commission will vote on the habitat subdivision this Tuesday.