Weekend High Speed Chase

Crash Investigation

A "crash" team will be investigating the circumstances behind a high-speed chase in Dothan that left one man dead. The chase began early Saturday morning and ended when the man being chased ran his car into an apartment complex.

Police tell News 4 an officer tried to pull over 24-year old Jestero "Skylar" Reynolds on Ussery Street around 12:30 Saturday morning.

Soon after they began pursuing Reynolds, they say his car left the roadway and ran into a unit at the Ussery Public Housing Complex. No one inside was hurt, but the 24-year driver died six hours later at a nearby hospital.

Some who live in the area are shocked and angry. They say not only was a life lost, but they believe their safety was put at risk as well.

Police say toxicology tests are being conducted to determine if drugs or alcohol were involved in the crash.