New Twist for Suspect

Judge says "one of the better ones."
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A convicted burglar sentenced in Calhoun County to 20 years in prison this week as a repeat offender had an unusual run-in with his victim.

The victim, Richard Bussey, says he drove up to his father's rural residence summer last summer and found a man loading furniture and other items into a pickup truck.

Bussey drew a handgun and forced 45-year-old Roy Andrew Gendron
to unpack the truck. Bussey didn't have a phone to call police so he ordered Gendron to mow the lawn with a push mower, giving him time to think what to do.

Bussey took Gendron's driver's license and turned it over to Oxford police, who caught up with Gendron and arrested him.

Assistant District Attorney Brian McVeigh says Gendron had been arrested 19 times and was on parole when Bussey caught him.

At sentencing Tuesday, Circuit Judge Judge Samuel Monk says the
case stands out for its comical twist, calling it "one of the better ones."

And McVeigh says if he ever gets in that situation, "I'll try to get some yard work out of the guy."