Sunday Liquor Sales

Dothan City Commission Meeting

There's still debate on whether alcohol should be sold on Sundays in Dothan but now a decision appears to have been made on the issue.

Dothan Mayor Chester Sowell says talk of a referendum on Sunday liquor sales is dead, but a discussion on draft beer is still on the table.

During Tuesday’s city commission meeting, a controversy once again brewed over a possible referendum on Sunday sales and draft beer.

A majority of commissioners expressed support for a public vote on the issue saying it was not up to them to legislate morality.

But "any" vote on a referendum ended yesterday afternoon when one commissioner called the mayor stating he had changed his mind; therefore, reversing a 4-to-3 vote supporting further action on Sunday sales.

As far as the draft beer issue, Sowell says the city will discuss the matter in the next two weeks.