Dothan Teen Charged will Remain Behind Bars

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Nineteen-year-old Jason Murphy reportedly barged into the Primecare Health Clinic earlier this month firing several rounds into the air.

Judge Lawson Little denied Murphy’s request for bond.

Primecare nurses filled the courtroom Tuesday to make sure Jason Murphy stays behind bars.

Defense Attorney Matthew Lamere argued Murphy committed bailable offenses and should be granted bond, but in the end, Murphy was handcuffed and hauled away by deputies after Judge Little denied that request.

“I could spend my time trying to get him a bail, but I need to spend my time preparing for the case,” Lamere said.

District Attorney Doug Valeska said, “We are pleased with the judge's decision and we thank the judge for keeping him in jail. Now we are trying to get ready for trial.”

Lamere made several claims Tuesday that Murphy’s privacy had been breached.

Lamere blasted the DA’s office for filing motions to retrieve Murphy’s medical records before the defense asked for them. “At this stage, I haven't subpoenaed his medical records and those are private,” he said.

Lamere also claimed law enforcement officials stole notes and private things out of Murphy’s jail cell. “I don't know what was on those notes, but I do know that that was an invasion of attorney client privilege,” he said.

District Attorney Valeska, who denies any knowledge of Murphy’s stolen belongings, recommended the judge take a look at the items and then decide if there was privileged information.

“I have no personal knowledge of that and asked the judge to look over it,” Valeska said.

For now, Murphy heads back to his jail cell while attorneys prepare for trial.

Jason Murphy’s trial date has not yet been set.

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