Peanut Farmers Switching Crops

The high cost of gas is also affecting peanut farmers across the state of Alabama, especially in the Wiregrass.

Peanut farmers from across the Wiregrass met Monday to discuss one of our areas biggest cash crops.

In 2006, there were 160 peanut farms across Alabama, in comparison to the 220 farms the year before.

Farmers say the high cost of fuel and fertilizer along with a drop in the demand for peanuts is making the crop less valuable.

That's why some farmers are thinking of switching over to corn.

"Alot of people are going to corn with the way the future is looking on the Chicago Board of trade... what it's trading at,” said Agriculture Program Associate Kris Balkom.

β€œIt makes a whole lot more interesting to people to go in and lock down prices on corn and try to look at that as far as making it their cash crop instead of peanuts.”

Farming officials say this is the first time corn will be considered a cash crop.

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