Tri-Glas Manufacturing Plant Closing

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After more than 30 years, one of the largest employers in Daleville will be closing, leaving more than 60 people unemployed.

The Tri-Glas manufacturing plant in Daleville will say goodbye to the Wiregrass in April of this year.

The company specializes is making tonneau covers for pick up trucks, and van conversion tops, but Tri-Glas officials say they're having a difficult time finding customers.

"Over the last two years with truck sales being down, our business has decreased and at the same time we have been in the midst of a raw material price increase,” says Tri-Glas General Manager Sherill Whitaker.

Raw materials like oil, a primary component used to make fiber glass tonneau covers and van tops.

The price of gas has jumped almost $0.20 in the last week, and for small companies like Tri-Glas, competition is getting tougher.

"We're a small regional manufacturer, and it's just been difficult for us to compete with the larger retail manufacturers,” Whitaker explains.

Plummeting sales are also forcing Tri-Glas officials to let go of it's workforce without offering workers severance packages, only outstanding vacation time.

"All the employees will receive all the vacation they have even if it has not been completely earned. So depending on how long they've been here, they could get up to four weeks vacation,” Whitaker says.

"In May it'll be 24 years that I've been here and I'll also be turning 56 soon too, so I don't know what's next,” adds Tri-Glas worker Michael Daniels.

State officials will now meet with the management at Tri-Glas to see what they can do to find the 65 employees new jobs when the plant closes.

Alabama state officials will be meeting with company officials this Wednesday to begin discussing possible options for the 65 workers that will lose their jobs.

Tri-Glas will officially close on April 27.

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