Dale County Raises Pay

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Some county employees will soon have more money in their pockets.

The Dale County Commission voted unanimously to increase pay for most county employees.

After almost three month’s consideration, the Dale County Commission has voted to increase pay for full-time and part time county employees.

Here’s how the raise will work: full-time employees that haven't has a salary adjustment will get $1.25 an hour raise.

Part-time employees will get a $0.75 an hour raise. The temporary and probation employees will get no increase, but new hires before the vote will get the raise after completing six months probation.

“I think it's great we get one. At least we'll be up with the rest of them now," says Dale County worker Kevin Strickland.

"I appreciate the commission taking into consideration how the employees work and give them the opportunity to have an increase. I believe it'll be appreciated by the employees," says Dale County Sheriff, Wally Olson.

The Dale County Commission passed their budget last October, and although the pay raise will cost a lot of money from that budget, commissioners say they're not worried.

"We have some very highly qualified employers and our pay grades are not the best. It was time to give them a simple raise in salaries," says Hon. Eunice Hagler, Dale County Commission Chairperson.

This pay increase will not affect the base pay or top pay set by commission, but it will bump all employees getting the raise up one pay grade.

All employees that received an adjustment since the new budget in October will not see and increase and any employee that received a grade increase will not get their grade raised.

The pay raise will go into effect the next pay period, which is Feb. 28.

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