Coffee Co. Decision on Trash Pick Up Upsets Some Residents

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How to dispose of household garbage has become a point of contention in one Wiregrass county.

Several apartment and mobile home property managers in Coffee County are upset with a recent letter from the county attorney.

Several apartment property managers say they've always maintained dumpsters for their renters, but in a recent letter from the county attorney, it stated the local ordinance states that each resident needs to have his or her garbage can placed along side the curb, which can be a problem with large complexes.

Property Manger Lister Reeves says, "It would be an absolute nightmare to have to put individual cans outside each apartment. We have 68 apartments."

Owner Joey Powell of Mobile Home Park says "Cans take up a lot of my time. People knocking on my door and asking where are my cans. We would prefer to keep our dumpsters."

The county's attorney says he wrote the letters of non-compliance at the direction of the board of commissioners, but he believes that matter will be cleared-up.

"Get permission from the county board of health, they do that. They can give permission to use a dumpster as opposed to a garbage can," says Coffee County Attorney Joe Cassady.

Property owner after property owner asked that they be allowed to maintain their dumpsters.

Apartment Property Manager Wendy Shaw said, "We would hope that we could not have to switch."

Next month, the Coffee County Commission plans to hold a workshop concerning the issue of garbage cans versus dumpsters at both apartment complexes and Mobile Home Park.

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