Midland City Traffic Stop Led to Drug Arrest

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Two men are now in the Dale County Jail after Midland City Police found over $15,000 dollars worth of drugs in their vehicle.

Thirty-three-year-old Lemont Norwood and 30-year-old Jason Walker, both from Texas, were stopped by Midland City Police over the weekend.

What started as a routine traffic stop Saturday around 8 am for failure to maintain lane and impeding traffic, turned into one of Midland city's largest drug busts.

"Upon making contact with the driver, the officer could smell a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. At that time, he called for a K-9 unit from the Dothan PD that came out and did a free air search, which indicated it on the vehicle itself. At that time, a search was made of the RV inside and approximately 11 lbs of marijuana, bricked, was found in a hidden compartment," says Chief Dexter Hammond with the Midland City Police Department.

Along with marijuana, officers found a 12-gage shotgun loaded with five rounds of buckshot, an undisclosed amount of cash, and a suspicious pill that police suspect is ecstasy.

"The odor is what tipped the officer off in this case, but all the officers go by a certain way of doing things, a certain pattern to hit the indicators of drug traffickers or someone who’s running drugs or even has drugs in the car," says Hammond.

The RV the men were using to traffic the drugs is a rental from American Dream Vacations.

It is equipped with a GPS navigation system that tracked their journey.

Police are now investigating their travel, which could possibly lead to more arrests.

Right now, Norwood is charged with certain persons forbidden to carry a pistol and both men are charged with trafficking cannabis.

Both Norwood and Walker are in jail under a $100,000 dollar bond each, for trafficking cannabis.

Norwood also has a $10,000 dollar bond for certain persons forbidden to carry a pistol.

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