Levi's Call

Senate Approves Levi's Call Bill
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A bill protecting broadcasters from lawsuits when reporting Georgia's version of the Amber Alert for missing children breezed through the state Senate.

The bill, backed by Gov. Perdue, protects television and radio stations participating in Levi's Call -- under which information on missing children is quickly handed from law enforcement agencies to the media.

In a statement thanking senators for the vote, Perdue said, "Child protection legislation needs to be passed during this legislative session. We owe it to the children of this state not to delay this legislation any longer."

In Georgia, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation writes the Levi's Call information and the Georgia Emergency Management Agency sends it out to broadcasters. Broadcasters read a Levi's Call as soon as it comes to them, without waiting for the typical editing process.

Some broadcasters have expressed concern they could be sued for publicizing incorrect information.

The bill passed 53-0 and now goes to the House.

Levi's Call was used earlier this month to help capture Jerry William Jones, who police say killed four of his estranged girlfriend's family, including his own 10-month-old daughter, and kidnapped three children.