Jackson County Deputies Honored

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The national president of the American Federation of Police was in Jackson County Friday. He came to honor the officers who responded to the tragedy last month where an officer and the sheriff's wife were killed.

For the first time since his wife was murdered, Jackson County Sheriff John McDaniel stepped out into the public to receive a Silver Star.

Slain Deputy Mike Altman's wife, Dorothy Altman, cried when she was given the Medal of Honor for her husband who was killed in the line of duty.

On January 30th, 2007 Mellie MacDaniel phoned her husband Sheriff John MacDaniel telling him someone was following her.

Sheriff MacDaniel headed home and dispatched officers to his house.

Deputy Mike Altman was the first deputy to respond. He pulled in the driveway where he was shot.

Captain Joey Raybon and Corporal Billy Dozier were on the scene after Deputy Altman engaged in gunfire, and killed the suspects.

For their heroism, they also received a Silver Star, which is the highest medal given to a living officer.

Sheriff MacDaniel hugged the deputies for their bravery. He officially returned to work Tuesday.

The sheriff and Deputy Altman's family didn't want to comment on the death of their loved ones.

Deputy Mike Altman's name will be added to the Memorial Hall of Fame in Orlando, Florida.