New Passport Requirements

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If you're planning on traveling anytime soon, there's a new law that could delay your trip.

A recent state department initiative is hoped to strengthen border security, and for you to get in and out of the country, you'll need a valid passport.

Spring break is right around the corner and travelers are booking those last minute vacations.

One of the stops on their itinerary is the passport office to get a United States passport.

Dennis Huff, Post Office USP Passport associate said, “We've almost doubled our daily passport applications; we're doing 20 a day.”

The reason for the sudden rise in passport applications is a new passport law requiring all international travelers who are flying to have a passport.

That’s different from the old law allowing you to fly to Canada, Mexico or the Caribbean with just a birth certificate.

“January 23rd, all international flight travels means you have to have a passport,” Huff explains.

Cruisers were included in that law, but that has recently changed.

Now, cruisers leaving out of a United States port only need their birth certificate and drivers’ license, not a passport.

Carmen Valley with Odyssey Travel says, “People can still book cruises last minute.”

Cruisers will be required to have a passport beginning January 1st 2008.

If you are traveling by air and need a passport you can get one at the local post office for $100 dollars, but don't wait too long, it takes about eight weeks to process your application.

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