60 Minute Miracle: Judy Ward

WTVY and Solomon Chevrolet are partnering to make miracles happen in the Wiregrass. Every Friday, News 4's Devon Sellers approaches a perfect stranger and asks if they know someone in need. Then, they try to deliver $500 within an hour.

We met Bobby Park as he was closing up shop at the Baptist Center in Enterprise. He had been running a food bank for foster parents when asked if he knew someone who could use $500.

He thought of a lady he's never even met.

Judy Ward has been on the prayer list at his church for the better part of a year.

“She's a disabled lady. During the past year she's lost her husband, and her house has been foreclosed on. Our church has helped her as much as we could, but she just needs the money,” said Parker.

Not only has she lost her house and her cars, her grandson moved in this past year. She's been struggling to make ends meet on her fixed income.

We load up and get on the road. We've got a forty minute drive to Jack and the clock is ticking.

Judy met us out on the porch when we pulled in the drive. She was overwhelmed with emotion when handed the envelope containing $500.

“Thank you so much. How did I deserve such a sweet thing? A blessed thing? Thank you. I'm just speechless. Thank the lord for blessing me,” said Judy. “I could use this for my rent. For my grandson who lives with me. Just for stuff around the house to keep things going.”

Her aunt, Jane White, said, “This is unbelievable. What this 500 dollars can do for her. Just unbelievable. Because even the insurance and the Medicaid doesn't cover a lot of her expenses.”

“It's a blessing to me to be able to help someone. It's just a special feeling being able to help someone who really appreciates it,” said Parker.

Judy said, “I appreciate it so much. I'm just so blessed. So blessed. Thank you thank you. “

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