60 Minute Miracle: Carolyn Christensen

Dothan, AL - WTVY and Solomon Chevrolet are on a mission to change lives. Every Friday this month, we will find a perfect stranger and with their help deliver $500 to someone in need.

We started our day at Westgate Park in Dothan and approached people out on the trail.

Some people weren’t interested in helping, but then we met Sarah Kirkland.

She told us a lady in her Sunday school class, Carolyn Christensen, could use a miracle. Carolyn has special needs, lives on her own, and can't afford hearing aids.

“There are a lot of times she is in severe pain, but she gets up and goes to church on Sundays,” said Sarah.

This miracle would come down to the wire.

First, we drove across town from Westgate Park to her apartment in Taylor, but she wasn't there.

So we drove back across town to the Vaughn Blumberg Center and with only minutes to spare we meet Carolyn.

“Carolyn could definitely use this,” said her caseworker. “I think she's star struck. She's absolutely a sweetheart. She's always trying to help everybody. She loves to hug and support everybody.”

Now with this 60 minute miracle it's Carolyn’s turn to receive help and support. Although she didn't have much to say her smile and hugs spoke volumes.

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