Broken Promise

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Most Americans know the year 1929 as the year of the great stock market crash on Wall Street, but for an elderly Enterprise couple the year is remembered for the city breaking its promise to pave a street.

After nearly 80 years, Joe and Jeannette Glisson are asking for the deed.

Jeannette Glisson walks along a trash filled lot along Loftin Street in Enterprise.

In a housing subdivision plat from 1929, the 50-by-150-foot piece of land was scheduled for paving by the city. However, it never took place.

Jeannette and her husband, Joe, have bought several of the abandoned homes on Loftin Street and refurbished them. She hopes the city will transfer over the lot deed so she can make it a community garden. "I love the neighborhood since being a child,” she says. “I love to see it happy, a place where children play and folks are happy."

One Loftin Street resident says the overall turnaround of the neighborhood has been amazing since the Glisson’s have started their personal urban renewal project.

"She’s done a tremendous job, fixed up the insides and is making these homes look lots better," said Gary Grant, who is a Loftin Street resident. "It's a labor of love for the Glisson’s. They are spending their own monies to refurbish homes back to their original luster from the Great Depression."

The Glisson’s hope the city council will soon approve the deed transfer request for the road.