New Brockton Senior Center ready for facelift

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Seniors citizens in New Brockton are getting excited about renovation plans at their senior center.

Since her retirement, Madeline Smith has been joining her friends three days a week at the New Brockton Senior Center.

“I enjoy coming here. Everybody seems like sisters and brothers to me,” says Smith.

She says coming to the center puts a song in her heart.

“We always sing this song, ‘When we all get together, the happy we will be’. We sing that song whenever we gather together. Our friends can come out with us and eat with us and we just enjoy one another,” says Smith.

“You see we watch TV. We play games. We play dominos and we just have good fellowship with one another,” says Eloise Medley.

Soon the center they love, that's nestled in the old train depot, will be getting a facelift.

“We've gone in and scraped it down and we're getting ready to retrofit it and make it into a nice, neat state of the art facility for our small town,” says New Brockton Mayor Lenwood Herron.

Medley remembers the last time the center saw a fresh coat of paint.

“That was back in the early 80's I guess when my husband was in the group then. He was on the council and they got it, painted it then themselves, all the members. But now they're getting it painted and it's going to look real nice,” says Medley.

“I'm proud they're doing it because we really needed it. It was looking bad outside and hopefully it will soon be finished because we really did need it,” says Smith.

Leaders in the City of New Brockton are utilizing inmate labor and help from volunteers to get the job done.

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