Flag Warnings

Florida Warning Flag Colors

Florida officials say they want consistency in which warning flags are flown at Florida’s beaches.

A "statewide" color-coded beach warning system is planned for March 2004.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection hopes that by then, swimmers everywhere will know what each colors represents.

Single red means rough waters; double red means stay away; yellow means light
Surf; green means calm water and purple warns of marine pests such as jellyfish.

The state will not mandate the new system but is encouraging it by distributing free flags.

The Florida Beach Patrol Chiefs Association has been pushing for a uniform flag system for more than a year.

Florida Warning Flags

  • Single red - rough waters
  • Double red - stay away
  • Yellow - light surf
  • Green - calm water
  • Purple - marine pests

    The new flag system is also being touted by the International Life Saving Federation, which is promoting a new flag system for all beaches in the world.