Habitat Subdivision

The Wiregrass Habitat for Humanity has come across another roadblock in its effort to build its first subdivision in Dothan.

Habitat says it just wants to build homes for those who would otherwise not be able to afford one, but the city commission says they will have to look somewhere else to locate the Habitat subdivision.

During Tuesday’s commission meeting, several city leaders expressed concerns over Habitat building a 16-house subdivision over in the Ford District near 6th Avenue.

They say residents have complained about the affordable low-income homes being built nearby, but Habitat says it was the city that recommended the property after being informed that federal dollars would purchase the property.

While Dothan Mayor Chester Sowell says the city appreciates the work Habitat has done in Wiregrass, he says the homes can't be built where residents don't want them.

Habitat's director says this could be sending the wrong message to those with fewer financial alternatives.

The city is considering donating one of its 18 properties to Habitat for them to build a subdivision.