Geneva County Jail Mold

The American Civil Liberties Union may soon be involved in legal action against one Wiregrass county.

As News 4 reported last week, scientists are trying to determine if a mold-like growth on the walls of the Geneva County Jail is toxic.

The Geneva County Commission will have 30-days from today to remedy the proposed health issues associated with the mold.

If the problem is not fixed, attorney David Harrison plans to file a federal lawsuit on behalf of several of his clients who are in jail there.

Harrison says the ACLU has also shown interest in the case.

The Geneva lawyer says his clients, along with jail staff are constantly complaining of headaches and other physical ailments.

Harrison says folks are paying their debt to society, and he's asking that they be treated in a humane manner.

By building a new jail now, Harrison believes it would be a lot cheaper than a federal judge ordering that it be done later.