Abbeville Bogus Checks

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Two counterfeit checks have been found in one Wiregrass city, and authorities say others may come your way.

Abbeville investigators say this is something no one should take lightly.

Counterfeit checks seem to be going around, and if you get one, it could turn you into a criminal.

The two checks may look nothing alike, but they are tied together in one way: their both fake.

While one may seem it's obviously a false check by saying "This is a copy of your check…please cash like the original check...", others appear more legitimate. However, this check is not a legitimate check.

In fact, the check will soon land the person who deposited it in jail.

"These people show up on mailing lists. It's a criminal eliminate of swapping mailing lists. They operate out of boiler rooms, hotel rooms, off cell phones and bogus addresses," says Investigator Tim Ingram, Abbeville Police Department.

A lot of these checks look real. However, they come with a note telling you to deposit it and send back a portion to cover miscellaneous fees.

However, by depositing the fake check, you become guilty of possession of a forged instrument, which is a felony.

"If you have to pay to receive you're winnings, it's illegal," says Ingram.

Most of these cases could be stopped with a little common sense.

The person who received the check turned it into the police to check its validity, something you should do if you find yourself in a similar situation

This is a nationwide problem. However, police say the victim in the case isn't always the party directly involved.

Investigators say it cost all taxpayers for counterfeit checks to be passed.

The two counterfeit checks in the Abbeville case totalled nearly $8000 dollars.