Sex Offender Patrol

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It’s been a month since the Dothan Police Department implemented the Sex Offender Accountability Program.

S.O.A.P aims to keep better tract of registered sex offenders living in the Circle City.

About 70 registered sex offenders live in Dothan and for the past month, police officers have been keeping a close eye on them.

They knock on doors and take names because Dothan Police Patrol officers want to make sure the area sex offenders are where they say they're going to be.

Sgt. Stacey Robinson with the Dothan Police Department said, "Officers that are assigned to the Patrol Division are each given one of the sex offenders that register and live in the city limits of Dothan and each month they can check that the offender is living where he has his registered address."

S.O.A.P., which stands for the Sex Offender Accountability Program is fairly new for the Dothan Police Department and so far, they haven't run into any major problems.

"So far, we've been fortunate in that all the offenders have been where they say they are registered, though we have had at least one offender that has decided to leave the area because he wasn't comfortable with the accountability," explained Robinson.

As it stands now, if an offender decides to move to a different city, he or she has to alert the Dothan Police Department 30 days before they do so.

In turn, the police department alerts the prospective city so they'll know an offender lives in their area

The idea came from a Florida police department.

Law enforcement there says there's been a 20 percent reduction rate.

The city couldn't give any projections on how successful the program will be on down the road.