Careers After College

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With less than four months to go before entering the work force, 2007 college graduates have a lot to look forward to. Employers are expecting to hire nearly 17-and-a-half percent more college grads this year than last.

Soon to be college graduates are entering into a workforce ready to hire. Businesses are planning to hire more graduates and pay higher salaries this year than ever before.

Dean Adair Gilbert, of the Troy/Dothan Assoc. College of Business, “Getting an interest in marketing, management, finance and accounting; those fields have done well for us."

Troy/Dothan Career Services Director Keith Seagle said, "We're finding demand in Business Administration and for students with marketing degrees."

Students majoring in these areas feel confident they chose the right major to jumpstart their careers.

Troy/Dothan Marketing Student Charlene McKernan says, "Now with the growth of the internet and so much business competition the marketing people are going to make or break business now."

Dean Stansell, another Troy/Dothan Marketing student said, "Marketing opens a lot of doors, it’s not just the money, but you can be creative."

National projections show accounting majors can count on starting salaries of more than $46,000 dollars a year, which is up 1.7 percent from last year.

Khamis Bilbersi, Troy/Dothan Accounting Dept. chairman said, "While they're in school we have more demand for students than we have students."

Career counselors say the best way for graduates to maximize their earning potential is to expand the geographical areas they are willing to work.

Just a few majors are seeing a slight decrease in average starting salaries that includes logistics and liberal arts.