Alito: Getting a Word in Not Easy for New Justices

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TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (AP) - Justice Samuel Alito says he has a hard time getting in a word during oral arguments as the newest member of the Supreme Court. And he's got the evidence to prove it.

Poking fun at some of his colleagues during a talk to University of Alabama law students today, Alito played audio snippets of convoluted, sometimes sarcastic remarks made by fellow justices during his first year on the court.

As the court's junior member, Alito said, it can be tough to find the right time to ask a question while lawyers are arguing and other justices are peppering them with questions.

Despite the difficulties, Alito said neither written arguments nor technology like e-mail and Blackberries can replace the give-and-take of attorneys and justices talking to each other across the bench.

Nominated by President Bush and confirmed to the court last year, Alito replaced Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, who retired.

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