Bunless Burgers

bunless burger
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In a nod to the low-carb craze that's sweeping the nation, Burger King is rolling out breadless Whoppers this week.

The bunless Whoppers will be served in plastic salad bowls, with knife and fork. Losing the bread cuts the carbohydrate content of a Whopper from 52 grams to just three.

The move to ditch the bread follows a similar action by other fast food chains. Hardee's and Carl's Jr. dumped the bread from some hamburgers last month, going lettuce-wrapped instead. TGI Friday's restaurant has also started serving a bunless cheeseburger.

Many fast food fans don't plan on ordering their burgers minus the buns. One tourist from Mexico said today at a Chicago Burger King that a burger without bread is "crazy" and isn't really a burger.

For now, McDonald's and Wendy's are keeping their buns. Spokesman for both those chains say they have no plans to include bunless burgers on their menus.