Dothan Police Getting a Certified Canine Trainer

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The Dothan Police Department is sending the head of it's canine unit to an eight-week training course to become a certified police dog trainer.

The two month course will teach people how to train dogs to detect drugs and bombs, and also how to apprehend suspected criminals.

Trained canines can cost upwards of $10,000 but by having a certified trainer, the police department will be able to buy regular, untrained dogs, and teach them the same things for much less.

Corporal W.E. Wozniak said, "The untrained police dog costs approximately $6,000 and by obtaining this certification we will be able to train the dogs here and save the city anywhere from six to seven-thousand, five hundred dollars, per dog.">

District Attorney Doug Valeska has donated seven thousand dollars to help cover the costs of training.