Student Surveys

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Rehobeth students were the latest to fill out surveys about school reform. It’s part of envision Dothan's strategy to improve education.

Even though Senior Ashley Bass will leave Rehobeth High School this May, she has siblings who will reap the benefits of education reform.

She sent a message Tuesday that she would to see more vocational training and more art classes in Houston County schools.

“[I’d] like [to see] more art history if [someone is] interested in painting, so more specialized training,” Bass said.

Envision Dothan's Education Task Force is going into schools this week, showing students a video and asking for suggested education improvements.

Senior Nick Jerman thinks asking students is a good idea. “It's important since the world is changing so we should change education too.”

Senior Kristen Miles has been involved in the video making process and influencing her other friends to take the survey seriously.

She thinks the video was productive and came up with some ideas herself. She explains, “Some ideas [include] more vocational training, more AP classes, more field trips, labs, to help us better understand education.”

The suggestions from all students and teachers will go to the Education Task Force to be tallied.

The task force plans to have survey results to the Dothan City School Board by April first to help the board in its decision on school consolidation.