Enterprise Water Lines

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A major water system upgrade in one Enterprise neighborhood has proven to be inconvenient for residents and businesses, but the dividends are expected to be tremendous.

Park Avenue and Plaza Drive is the main intersection into a segment of the Boll Weevil Circle, which also has water lines dating back to the 1930s.

Since the first of the year, barricades and work crews have been commonplace along Plaza Drive and Park Avenue. The city is switching out the old, galvanized steel water lines to a modern cooper connector.

Water Works officials believe it'll cut down on the amount of leakage taking place and will improve service in the affected area:

Water Works Superintendent Alan Mahan says, "Being proactive, trying to replace the bad lines as quickly as possible, and hopefully getting it done with little or no trouble."

Rebecca Garcia lives in an apartment on Plaza Drive. During the peak usage periods in the morning and late afternoon, she says water pressure is low.

She hopes the switch to a larger, more equipped line will help. "I think it'll help out with the water or sewer lines. Sometimes it smells like a sewer smell. I hope this work straightens it out," she said.

At a car dealership, underground water leaks have been an ongoing problem for customers and employees. The work should eliminate standing water coming from broken pipes:

Shawn Cook with Tim Whitehead Chrysler-Dodge says, "We've had some problems with standing water in, and around the parking lot. This is good for the city."

Officials hope that the water project can be completed within the next several weeks.

Also, it should be pointed out, the water line improvement is being done before the State Department of Transportation begins a road-repaving project scheduled in the spring.

Besides residents, the line improvement should also help increase fire hydrant water pressure.