Ten Commandments

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The Alabama Supreme Court has rejected Roy Moore's request to cancel the appointment of a seven-member replacement court to hear his appeal of his ouster as chief justice.

In a two-sentence order issued Tuesday, the Supreme Court unanimously denied Moore's motion without elaborating.

All eight justices of the Alabama Supreme Court decided last month that they should not hear Moore's appeal of his removal from office by the Alabama Court of the Judiciary.

To replace the Supreme Court, the court's clerk, Bob Esdale, drew names of retired judges from a box to form a special seven-member Supreme Court to hear Moore's appeal.

Moore's attorneys argued that the process used to create the court was improper. Attorney General Bill Pryor defended it, saying special Supreme Courts had been created five times since 1973 because justices on the Supreme Court stepped aside from hearing a case.

The Alabama Court of the Judiciary removed Moore from office for not obeying a federal court order to remove his Ten Commandments monument from the rotunda of the Alabama Judicial Building.